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What and Who Is a Starseed?

Photo - What and Who is a Starseed?

Starseeds are individuals that originate from far-distant star and solar systems, planets, and galaxies. These highly evolved souls carry a plethora of wisdom and special abilities that hibernates deep within the core of their being. All starseeds are encoded with activation encryptions that will unlock their knowledge and talents at a pre-determined or spontaneous time on earth, for the retrieval of this information is to be utilized for very specific purposes.

Most starseeds feel a sense of misplacement, like they were "aliens" dropped here on Earth without a compass, so they harbor a sense of emptiness and longing to find or go back to their "true home." Starseeds often ponder if perhaps their mother ship landed on Earth, they ventured out to explore the planet, and the ship accidentally left them behind; like the "ET phone home" syndrome. The notions of extraterrestrials, space travel, supernatural forces, psychic endeavors and multi-dimensional spirit connections, are very customary and real to them. Television shows and movies such as Star Trek, Star Wars, SG-1, Battlestar Galactica, ET, and others, provide a sense of comfort, familiarity, and association for the lonesome starseed that yearns to connect to his/her true home.

Many starseeds have very unique and striking physical attributes such as alien-like facial features, a-typical physical body structures, elongated necks, larger eyes, oddly shaped skulls, or angelic faces. Starseeds tend to be "space hybrids," as they carry DNA from the various universes and dimensions they have traveled in their many past incarnations. Starseeds have existed and lived in a host of other dimensions, planets, and star systems. They may have lived other lifetimes as angels, fairy's, elvenkind, elementals, ET's, galactic beings, or any combination therof. When they incarnate as humans, they retain this DNA that has been encoded into their form as well. Not ALL starseeds obviously appear alien-like, but even if they appear like an average human, they have probably been told they either resemble an angel, fairy, elf, or ET perhaps at some point in their lives. There is just something unique about the way they look. Look at the faces and physical forms of many Hollywood stars, and you can distinguish who are starseeds. Some are more obvious starseed looking than others, but starseeds are sprinkled throughout the famous humans of today. These "stars" love the phrase, "You could be a star someday." Well, starseeds actually see this statement as a fact of their primary soul, so of course, they truly are a star!

Starseeds have an inner knowing that Earth is not their primary source of existence or identity. They feel like foreigners on this planet, and they find the behaviors and customs of our world to be perplexing, irrational, and even absurd. Starseeds innately have extraordinary intuition and psychic abilities, and they are very adept and attuned to concealed agendas and conspiracies of earthly societies, however, they are not always aware of their specials gifts. In fact, many starseeds live in a walking sleep-state for most of their lives. Fortunately, all starseeds have a built-in alarm clock that is meant to awaken and activate them from their slumber, to remember who they are and why they have come to the planet, and thus accomplish their duties which they in fact volunteered for upon their prior incarnation.

A starseed's primary goal for "landing" on a planet is to bring their unique and distinctive abilities and wisdom to planetary civilizations, for the purpose of serving in a humanitarian capacity, and uplifting the planet to a higher ascended status. They are very "old souls" that have been through numerous incarnations throughout our Universe and beyond. They beat to a resonating pure sound of The Creator's Light, and have responded to the call for mastery, vision, wisdom, and creativity to be "seeded" upon and into the very mysteries of existence that becons to the depths of their soul. The journey of the starseed is to pave new pathways, transport progressive innovations and technologies to the planet, harness new healing modalities, and seed advanced frequencies of light, all for the growth and expansion of both the planets and souls who inhabit them. Starseeds have a unique ability to be able to shift their consciousness at a rapid pace, so once activated; they can make stellar advancements in all core areas of their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual planes of existence. This includes barreling through their own limitations, fears, patterns, and other earthly obstacles much more swiftly than other Earth humans. This is due to the starseeds past familiarity with the processes and practices of raising vibrations and frequencies to other planets, stars, and galaxies, while on assignments in other lifetimes.

Starseeds carry the "seeds" of light. They are the indigo's, the forefather's, the innovators, the galactic ones, the star ancestors, and the true teachers and inspirations of ascension. But, whatever you want to call them, one thing is for certain…starseeds are powerful beyond measure; they shine a magnificent beacon of light and love to propel us all into the Golden Age of inspiration, creativity, innovation, and advancement.

"Lightworker" vs. "Starseed"

Photo - What is Starseed vs LightworkerMany people often become confused with the terms "lightworker" and "starseed." The differences between these two types of individuals has to do with the soul's origin, their core objective, and the foundations of their expertise. While lightworkers are here to raise the vibration of the planet and spread light-based energies, their primary origins are closely connected to the earthly dimensional plane, whereas starseeds main source of existence prior to this incarnation was derived from the star and solar systems, planets, and/or galaxies. Lightworkers are here to share and spread the light that is currently in existence. Starseeds are also concurrently spreading light, but their predominant focus is to "seed" new systems of light originating from the "stars;" therein formulating the name "starseed." They are here to help awaken the remembrances of The Creator's Light. Thus, the information, skills, and technologies that starseeds bring to Earth, are specifically established from their galactic birthplaces, and their fellow star friends. So, starseeds may additionally be called lightworkers, because both are on the planet to uplift the energies of light, however, the specific class of lightworkers are not all deemed as starseeds. Not all lightworker's soul's core energy signature and the expertise and abilities they embody are specifically derived from an inter-galactic and inter-dimensional origin. Both types of individuals have important, but different purposes to fulfill.


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